Recipe SEO: How Food Bloggers Can Rank on Google

Our company learned a lot from practical experiences about what works on food blogs. The techniques that get results are not the same as one would apply to a marketing blog, or a fitness blog, or pretty much any other genre. Food blog SEO is a particular case. And we will let you in on […]

15 SEO Best Practices for B2B Organizations in 2020

Here we talk about seo best practices in the world of SEO. Strategies are always subject to change. This is due to a variety of factors including algorithm updates, changing user behavior, new platforms or features launching, industry findings, and more. As we enter the year, I thought it would be helpful to establish a […]

9 Critical SEO Metrics You Need To Track

As an SEO, one of your hardest jobs is measuring the success of your work. One of the hardest parts about SEO is that you can’t always rely on search engine movements to track your progress. Search engines can take weeks, even months to update SERPs. And when they do, ranking improvements are seldom uniformly […]