11 Incredibly Useful Websites You Might Not Know About

The internet is a big place, and there’s no shame in not having gotten around to exploring every last corner of it—but just in case you’ve missed out on some of the very best sites the web has to offer, we’re going to pick out a few lesser-known highlights from our travels that are well worth adding to your bookmarks.

1. Tunefind

There are all kinds of ways to identify songs in TV shows and movies—not least using an app like Shazam while the music is actually playing—but if you need to name a song you’ve heard after you’re home from the cinema or watched a Netflix episode, Tunefind has you covered. It has a huge database of movies and shows to scroll through, as well as lists of what other people are searching for.

Beyond finding lists of featured tunes and soundtrack songs, the site also provides links to find the music on Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, so you can quickly check you’ve found the song you’re looking for. If you’ve got some knowledge to share, you can contribute to the site as well.

tunefind.com website

2. SpeedTest

If you need to know just how good or bad your internet connection is, Ookla’s Speedtest can tell you. What we like about this site, compared to others like it, is that you get ping times and upload speeds as well as the usual download speed results, plus a bunch of extra info like your IP address.

You can use the site as is without logging in, but if you do sign up for a free account, you can track speeds over time and in different locations, as well as compare your results against other users in your part of the world.

speedtest.net website

3. AlternativeTo

Sometimes you need to switch to a different app or website that’s like one you’re currently using. Or maybe you want to discover new apps and sites that are similar to ones you already use. In these scenarios and others like them, AlternativeTo can help.

It’s a huge crowdsourced database of alternatives to tens of thousands of apps and websites, so whether you’re looking for an alternative to Facebook or Gizmodo, you’ll find some handy pointers here. It also works as a resource for looking up more information on apps and sites as well.

alternativeto.net website

4. AGoodMovieToWatch

Some evenings, you just want a good movie to watch—which is where agoodmovietowatch comes in. Run by a small team of writers and editors, it relies on human picks rather than algorithms to recommend “highly-rated, but little-known” movies currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

“Netflix’s algorithm is a corporate algorithm,” says site founder Bilal Zou. “This means that it’s more interested in selling you new titles that Netflix spent money on rather than recommending what’s actually good… If you see it here, we’ve watched it and completely vouch for it.”


5. Unsplash

High quality, high resolution, royalty-free images are challenging to find on the web, but Unsplash is packed full of them. “The concept was born from the pain we had in finding great, usable imagery,” the site creators write. “Today, Unsplash is a platform fueled by a community that has generously gifted hundreds of thousands of their own photos.”

You can reuse these pictures for whatever you want, and you don’t even need to leave a credit (though it is recommended). Unsplash is particularly good for finding wallpapers for your laptop and phone, and while the search box is the best way into the site, it offers plenty of curated collections and editor picks as well.

unsplash.com website

6. Resume Maker Online

Simple, Easy to Use, No Clutter or Ads, and Within Few minutes you can make a well-designed resume of one page.

There are multiple options to enable different sections to add or remove skills, additional infoboxes.

When you are done adding details just download the PDF version in one click.

Even if you aren’t going to use the PDF you can take it as a reference point for designing your own as the design is great for a good resume.

resumemaker.online website

7. Bug Me Not

When you quickly need to login to the website to do some task and you don’t want to sign up then worry about they will spam you.

You can quickly find most of the website’s login id and passwords if bugmenot community shared.


8. DuckDuckGo

If you are concerned about privacy you should probably be using them.

The only search engine that doesn’t tracks you.

You can install their mobile app and browser extension to stop you from being tracked.

Even if you feel don’t need to use, you should check out their website and content like how you can protect your privacy online to get more idea about why it matters.


9. Feedly

I’m using Feedly from like 6-7 months.

The idea is why to go to each and every website regularly to check new articles when you can find them in one place.

Feedly can aggregate all articles from every website at one place,

So you can read more, save time with no distraction.

They have a website as well mobile app, so you can read anywhere you want.


10. Dropbox Paper

You can create docs and work in real-time with the people,

Looks and feel of the website are more comfortable to work.

Quick Outline is super useful to quickly navigate through the whole document.

You can say it’s much like Google Docs but by Dropbox and feels clean and collaborative.

You might also check out Coda: A new doc for teams


11. Adobe Spark

With Adobe Spark you can create beautiful social media graphics, short videos, and web pages in minutes. It comes with tons of ready to use templates that are designed to look great anytime.

Spark comes with three apps inbuilt i.e. Spark Post, Spark Page & Spark Video with each one focused on providing the best experience.

It’s free to start and as you grow you can try Team or Individual plans for working in collaboration.

Checkout some ready to use Adobe Spark Templates you will like them. What we really like is there blog section it’s full of insights that you should definitely go through.


Wrap It Up

Don’t forget to share any other website which you feel should have made it to our list in the comments below. If I find it useful enough, we will make sure to include that in our list.

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